On May 1, 2006, UFCW 588-Northern California and UFCW 1288-Central California merged to form ...

UFCW 8 - Golden State

The merger of UFCW 588 and 1288 to form UFCW 8-Golden State further strengthened an already strong Union. Our Union is growing and that means we have more clout at the bargaining table.

We believe in the power of unity and solidarity. Workers in the industries we represent should speak with one powerful voice. The merger of the former 588 and 1288 gave working men and women more power, and that’s what Unions are all about.

In Solidarity,

Jacques Loveall, President of UFCW 8 - Golden State

"If we educate our younger members, respect the contributions of our older members and honor the sacrifices of those who came before us, our Union will thrive forever"
- President Jacques Loveall
Jacques Loveall
A Union Man for Life


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